“Working with Amanda was a fantastic experience. I am a first time mom, and though my husband and I thought we were fully prepared for birth, I decided to consult Amanda to see what services a birth doula could offer. I’m so glad I took the time to consult her, because she brought my attention to many aspects of birth and labor that my husband and I hadn’t thought of. We decided to hire Amanda based on her knowledge and pleasant personality. We are so glad we did. Not only did she provide a soothing presence through my 12 hour unmedicated labor and birth, but she helped my husband help me, and gave him some much needed breaks during the labor. I highly recommend Amanda as a birth doula, and should I have another baby in the future I plan on hiring her again! The knowledge and comfort she provides is invaluable.” -Sarah



“My husband and I decided to hire Amanda for the birth of our second child. We met for an interview and instantly felt at ease with her. She made herself available for in-person prenatals, email/text check-ins and an in-person postpartum visit. The day I went into labor contractions started but involved multiple stall outs. We ended up at the hospital only to be given the option of either having my water broken in hopes of jump starting labor again or going home. I was a week past due and ready to have that baby. Going home felt like failing. Amanda helped us formulate a set of questions like ‘what are the chances that it will work?’ or ‘if it doesn’t put me into labor then what?’ or ‘how long am I given before possible induction?’ Armed with more information we decided to pack up and head home. I am so thankful for Amanda gently reminding me of our wish for an unmedicated birth. Amanda and my husband were awesome. When our daughter was born Amanda quickly grabbed my camera and took some amazing shots of us meeting our new little girl! I’m grateful for Amanda and her calming and caring presence. It was reassuring to have someone there who was familiar with labor and my needs. When my husband had to fill out paper work or make a snack or bathroom break I was happy to have someone there for me. I highly recommend Amanda.”-Bliss



“My husbands biggest fear when we booked a doula was that we would end up needing a C-section and it would be a waste of money.  We did end up having to have a C-section for complications outside of our control, but I can tell you that it was the best money I could have possibly spent and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a patient, knowledgeable and kind doula. As a first time mom I found the prospect of birth and everything surrounding it to be daunting. Amanda helped me navigate the various terms and options to help me come up with a birth plan that worked for me. From coping techniques for the contractions I had all through my last trimester to helping me with the list of items to pack and giving me reading materials, the piece of mind she gave me leading up to the birth was invaluable and just knowing she would be there on the day eased my anxiety. She stayed with me until I was wheeled into the OR and was there with me helping me to get her to latch after I got out. One of the many reasons I loved her as my doula is that she has a researcher mentality and is so well versed in ALL the options rather than pushing her opinion on you.  She can help you navigate the pros and cons of all the options available to you so that you can make a decision that works for YOU. Amanda is fantastic and I cannot say enough nice things about her as a person and a doula.” -Annabel



Honestly I was skeptical when we first began talking about hiring a doula. Would I want someone in the room other than my husband to share in such an intimate experience? Now after going through labor and delivery, the answer is a resounding YES. Amanda was integral to us having the birth experience we wanted. She met with us twice for prenatal appointments, sharing tons of resources and information, and listened to us when we described our preferences and ideal birth plan. I texted her when I was having prelabor symptoms and she put me at ease, telling me that my body was doing what it was made to do in preparation for labor. At the hospital she wanted to make sure I was laboring in a position that would help me rest, since I hadn’t slept much in three days. During labor she supported my husband, encouraged me and rubbed my back for hours. When I started pushing, I got scared and she calmly told me that my daughter would be here soon. With her encouragement and coaching, we had the natural birth we wanted. She is such a positive part of our bquotation-marks2irth story that we will tell our daughter (and have already shared with others) for years to come. Amanda also met with us after birth to check in on our daughter, breastfeeding and how we were adjusting to life with a newborn. We cannot sing her praises high enough!      -Adrienne



“Amanda was my doula for the birth of my second child. She was so wonderful to have with us! My labor was horribly painful and even after I requested the epidural it did not fully kick in and I was a complete basket case! But between Amanda and my husband I was able to stay calm and push through. Looking back on my labor experience I can say that it was a much better experience than my first labor! Amanda was a wonderful advocate to have during those tough and wonderful moments. Thank you Amanda for your calming presence!” -Angela



“I am so lucky to have met Amanda and have her as my doula.  From the very first meeting she gave me the feeling of great support, that I could rely on her, and that I could relax and believe that everything would go well. During each of our prenatal meetings she shared a lot of useful information and suggested books and classes which were extremely helpful for getting ready for birth and the upcoming change in my life. When labor started Amanda immediately came to the hospital to support me.  She knew what to do to help me cope with contractions and I ended up having a delivery without any pain killers! Looking back on that brings only beautiful pleasant memories to my mind. Amanda isn’t just a person who is doing her job, but a very warm hearted friend who is there for you! I strongly recommend Amanda as she will help you enjoy the most important event in your life!” -Marina


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“Amanda was our doula for the birth of my third child. Going into my third birth I had many expectations and goals for labor. While everything turned out well with my first birth, the experience was not ideal. My second birth was quick and I had a natural, unmedicated birth with the help of a midwife. Going into my third labor I wished to go natural again. As a third time mom, having been through this before, I wondered if I needed a doula. As my pregnancy progressed, I felt a disconnect from my ObGyn practice. I decided to contact Amanda. Does a third time mom need a doula for labor support? Yes!  Labor is labor no matter how many times you have done it! When first meeting with Amanda I was impressed with her professionalism and intelligence. She was also so kind, warm, and easy to talk too. I knew she was the perfect fit. As my due date approached and passed, Amanda remained supportive and encouraging as we waited for labor to start. When I finally did go into labor 10 days late, Amanda arrived at my house prepared with a bag of tricks. She immediately got started with helping me manage my contractions. When we transitioned to the hospital she was my “constant” keeping me focused. As labor progressed Amanda and my husband worked wonderfully as a team supporting and encouraging me. She was able to help ease my pain through massage and pressure techniques. After about ten hours of labor, I successfully had an unmedicated natural birth. I am very grateful to Amanda for her support and feel it was essential to the birth of my daughter!” -Amy



Amanda helped me and my family welcome our new baby boy into the world. At 40, and as a first time mom, I was concerned about so many things with my pregnancy and delivery that finding Amanda was a welcomed blessing. During our prenatal visits, Amanda answered all of my questions, no matter how crazy they were. She listened to all of my concerns and gave me great feedback. As Amanda went on call for my delivery, we were in contact about everything. Amanda was with me in no time, meeting me in the triage room at the hospital at 2AM. She was wide awake and ready to support us through to the evening when our little guy finally arrived. Amanda was so amazing and a calming force in the room. When things were difficult, Amanda was able to get me to focus and back on track as well as getting dad to refocus and calm down. After I delivered she kept an eye on us all, stepping back so we could enjoy this special moment, and after everything had calmed down, she gave us our congratulations and said goodnight to us. After coming home she checked in with us several times, giving us contact information for support groups and individuals that could help with my postpartum needs. Once I was feeling up to it, we had our postpartum visit and it was great to review what delivery was like with someone that had a cool head in thquotation-marks2e delivery room. I would definitely tell everyone to have a doula, and would recommend Amanda to anyone. If I am lucky enough to have another, I will be contacting Amanda again! -Vladimer



“From the minute active labor started I realized that this birth was going to be quite different than my first. I had a lot of back labor so the pain was more intense. My contractions were back to back for a couple hours. The minute Amanda showed up in the room I felt an immediate sense of relief. She provided a calm and steady support, and was able to ancitpate what I might need. Her presence and support brought a peace throughout me and the room. She was with me every step of the way through my labor and delivery. I could not imagine my birth without Amanda there and am so thankful for all her support. I cannot recommend Amanda enough!”-Brooke