Whether you live far from family or they are not able to help, or you don’t have a trusted individual that lives near you, a sibling doula can provide short notice and overnight physical and emotional care for your child(ren).  By hiring a sibling doula, your partner can concentrate on caring for you during your labor and can fully participate in your baby’s birth.

Some parents would also like to allow their older child(ren) the option of witnessing the birth but are unsure of how to handle the logistics of caring for the child(ren) during labor.  A sibling doula can help!

The following services are included at your home or hospital:

  • 1 hour consultation to ensure everyone meets each other and the child(ren) are comfortable around me.  At this meeting, I should be informed of any health issues or medications the child(ren) may have or need and an emergency contact person (other than a parent) should be provided.
  • 24/7 on-call availability to provide child care starting two weeks before the expected due date and will continue until the new baby is born.
  • $200 on-call fee. $30/hour for 1 child.  $10/hour for each additional child.
  • An age appropriate explanation of birth can be provided, if so desired.  We can discuss what to expect when baby arrives home. We will also prepare for the new sibling’s arrival by participating in a fun craft or activity.
  • Once baby has arrived, I can transport your child(ren) to the place of birth to meet their new sibling.

Please understand that a sibling doula does not replace the need for a birth doula during labor. I can not fill both roles adequately.  If you desire both, I can recommend another doula who would work well with our team!